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“I want existing culture, technology, and bodies to fully make love, and breed unknown, interesting hybrids.” (TIAN XIAOLEI)

KATZMAN CONTEMPORARY proudly presents the Canadian premiere of the Beijing-based artist TIAN XIAOLEI. The digital artwork of TIAN XIAOLEI constructs universes of virtualized bodies where human encounters become re-cast in the language of anonymity and gaming. The surreal and futuristic visual landscapes that TIAN XIAOLEI creates liberate one from the limitations of human form so that one may interact and hybridize with other species and machines.

OVERLOAD is pure sensory excess where one encounters an ultra-mechanized, posthuman world filled with digital gifs, photographic holograms, archival digital prints, digital animated video, 3D printed sculptures, and a Virtual Reality (VR) installation.

“Digital media is the carrier of my creation. I am interested in the uncertainty of the rapid iteration in this era and in the relationship between life, science, technology, and the future evolution of this new species as produced by this hybrid age. I use the artist’s perspective to create future world specimens that blend history, religion, science, technology, and the body to create a new artistic experience.” (TIAN XIAOLEI)

Having already shown in Australia, Italy, Germany, Russia, Switzerland, and the United States, as well as in prominent galleries all across China, KATZMAN CONTEMPORARY is honoured to be hosting TIAN XIAOLEI’S Canadian premiere exhibition curated by YAN ZHOU.

The custom jewelry of TIAN XIAOLEI will also be part of KATZMAN’S compendium exhibition DRIVE-THRU (June 9 to August 5).

The artwork of TIAN XIAOLEI will also be part of KATZMAN’S offsite millennial group exhibition ALL-DAY BREAKFAST at FIRST CANADIAN PLACE GALLERY (100 King Street West from June 12 to July 21).

The video artwork of TIAN XIAOLEI will also be broadcast on DRAKE TV across all of THE DRAKE’S digital platforms (June 9 to August 5).

“Fascinated with the ways mobile phone communication, computer technology, and internet media have transformed human reality, artist Tian Xiaolei, like a contemporary Peter Pan, uses digital and plastic art making tools to create work that envisions a new world of human evolution. In his universe, the distinctions between animal, human, and machine are discarded, and post-gender recognition is applauded. The glamorous, hyper, hilarious, and erotic visual depictions in his art arouse the feeling of a Bosch-like wonderland filled with exotic and fantastic depictions but without the guilt-and-punishment religiosity.” (excerpt from the exhibition essay Posthuman Wonderland).

TIAN XIAOLEI is a digital artist whose work focuses on technology in relation to the human form. Since graduating from the prestigious Central Academy of Fine Arts (CAFA) in Digital Media in 2007, TIAN XIAOLEI has been widely recognized across China as one of the foremost artists in New Media, garnering him many prestigious awards. His video shorts and animations have received accolades from the Odense International Film Festival and the Berlin Interfilm International Short Film Festival.

TIAN XIAOLEI is represented by SPACE STATION gallery (Beijing).

• Winner – Wallpost Outstanding Artist Award – Today Art Museum – 2017
• Finalist – Young Artist Award – Yishu-8 China – 2017
• Winner – Wang Shikuo Award – Today Art Museum – 2016

• Overclocking – Department for Culture and Education of the German Consulate General in Shanghai (AKuB) – Shanghai – 2016
• Waiting for You———Infinite Time and Space – Today Art Museum – Beijing – 2016
• Poetry – Space Station – Beijing – 2016

• Digital Samplers, or A New Generation Deep Dive into Internet Superposition – The Galaxy Museum of Contemporary Art, Chongqing, China – 2017
• No Commission Shanghai - Shanghai Exhibition Center - Shanghai, China – 2017
• Flow·Arte contemporanea Italiana e Cinese in dialogo – Basilica Palladiana, Vicenza, Italy – 2017
• Brave Heart – Vermilion Art – Walsh Bay, Australia – 2017
• ENERGY FIELD·Transmedia ART exhibition – Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA), Shanghai, China - 2017
• The World Is Not Flat – Chinese Contemporary Video Art exhibition – Adelaide Festival Centre – Adelaide, Australia – 2017
• PIXEL ECHO 2017 – YueSpace – Beijing, China 2017

Category: Arts
Start Date: 2017-06-09
End Date: 2017-08-05
Venue: KATZMAN CONTEMPORARY - 86 Miller Street

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