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NextMEDIA 2016

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NextMEDIA 2016 was held November 8 to 9, 2016 at the Westin Harbour Castle in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.  According to organizers, “nextMEDIA is Canada’s leading digital media conference and networking event focused on the creation, distribution and monetization of digital media content and technologies.”  The two-day event attracted many of the who’s who of the digital content community, such as interactive producers, creators, distributors and marketers, online publishers and broadcasters, and connected key players in the media industry.  Also part of this event is the Digi Awards– which is a Canada wide competition of the most successful digital media companies and practitioners.  nextMEDIA was well hosted by executive producer Amber Mac.

TorontoArtsandEvents Reports on the Following Sessions:

Marketing is the New Ad: Brands as Video Storytellers:

With ad blocking increasing, a shrinking audience on traditional media, and stiff competition in new media (due to the abundance of content and platforms), brands must change their marketing strategies from “advertising” to achieve their goals. Four marketing executives from top brands discussed the challenges and successes of video storytelling:  Florent Bayle-Laboure, Michelle Lea, Michael Bancroft and Jackie Poriadjian-Asch.

Live Streaming: Economics, Analytics, and Real-time Data:

People want live action whether it’s news, sports, or sharing videos.  Live streaming content is gaining traction.  Is it a fad or does it have staying power as Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and YouTube believe? Each is investing into these technologies.  Executives who are integrating live streaming into their digital strategies dived into analytics, real-time data, and what it means for the economics of the live streamer.  Executive presenting were: Mike Lucero, Ken Volden, Jeremy Singer, David Hayes and Rory Capern.

Show Me the Data: Measuring Success in the New Entertainment Economy:
The ever changing digital world has given us different platforms with different data measurement tools; however, which is the most effective at tracking audience engagement?  Engagement measurement takes many different forms:  clicks, likes, views, and shares; to eye tracking, TTR, and auto-play.  With so many different measurement techniques at hand, the panel discussed how each tool can be used to determine a return on our content investment.  This panel consisted of Jed Schneiderman, Jordan Christensen, Monique Duquette and Jon Taylor

Are You Experienced? Immersive Experience Design in the Age of Mixed Reality:
Mike Monello, one of the creators of the original Blair Witch project and founder of Campfire and the Innovations Director of SapientNitro discussed how they used VR/AR/MR and the new technologies in the evolution of storytelling and the worlds they created.

Making & Monetizing Streaming Content for a Global Audience: In Conversation with Twitch’s Mike Lucero:
Mike Lucero, Twitch’s Global Director of Client, shared Twitch’s business strategy as the world’s leading social video platform and community for gamers, video game culture, and the creative arts and how the company keeps its almost 10 million daily active users engaged, its 2 million unique streamers per month entertained, and its impressive 106 minutes watcher per person per day stat maintained.

Blurred Lines: Best Practices for Disclosing Paid Content:
Influencers who promote brands and companies on Snapchat, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and on their blogs will have to start disclosing paid content i.e.  “any material connection between the endorser, reviewer or influencer and the brand.”  The Advertising Standards Canada’s guidelines will change how Influencers are promoting sponsored content and how brands are disclosing working with influencers.  Panel members were:  Marc Dinsdale, Jake Gold, Janet Feasby and Casie Stewart.
Behind the Partnership: Motrin’s #MakeItHappen Campaign:
This panel discussed the carefully crafted strategic content plans.  Motrin partnered with UM /J3, Kin Community and Corus Entertainment and tapped into Québecois star, fashion maven and influencer Maripier Morin of Pardon My French and star of the TV show ‘Hockey Wives’.  It combined a sponsorship of the show with a #MakeItHappen-themed video series on Maripier’s YouTube channel and support from retail partners with Motrin exclusive flyers .  On this panel were:  Maripier Morin, Natacha Leduc, Katherine E. Fera, Ashley Riske and Lynn Chambers.

Digi Awards:

nextMEDIA 2016 named Sulon Technologies Inc. as the Digital Startup of the Year!  Toronto based, Sulon is an innovative tech start-up whose objective is to simplify virtual reality technology with their “Sulon Q, the world’s first and only all-in-one, tether-free, “wear and play” headset for virtual reality, augmented reality and spatial computing that seamlessly maps the real world so that people can fully enjoy and interact with the virtual one.”  Co-founders Joleena Teo and Dhan Balachand attended to accept the award.

Corus Entertainment’s Home to Win won the award for best interactive content – non-fiction for its digital strategy, which was produced with Stitch Media and Architect Films and also won for best multichannel communication for its “Unstoppable Women” campaign for Motrin, which was produced with Kin Canada.

The best branded content went to Cineplex for its “Lily & the Snowman” campaign produced by Zulu Alpha Kilo.

Vice Canada won best digital series non-fiction for its “Vice Canada Reports.”
The award of excellence went to media personality Marilyn Denis, Sid Lee was named agency of the year, while company of the year went to Diply. Social media personality of the year went to Piques while digital media startup of the year was Sulon Technologies.

NextMEDIA 2016 Summary:
NextMEDIA15 was an interesting conference with important members of the digital content community.  Great event – check back here for details on next year’s event!

© 2016 Article, Photos and Layout TorontoArtsandEvents.  All rights reserved.  Editors please contact us for use.

Category: Business Events
Start Date: 2016-11-09
End Date: 2016-11-10
Venue: Westin Harbour Castle Toronto On

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